Content Guidelines

This document defines the different categories of content and where it is allowed to be posted. Content of lower categories can be posted in higher ones, but not the other way around.

Please see the following table:

Category Content Where to post Example
0 Non-nude pictures/videos Public feed / group Link
1 Non-sexual nudity - Anything that could be shown in a TV Anime
Simply said: Nipples are OK, dick and pussy, or sex acts are not.
Public feed / group Link
2 Sexual nudity / pornography (includes censored versions) Private groups Link, Link 2
3 Restricted content (Guro, Bestiality, ...) Admin regulated private groups -
4 Banned content (3D CG, anything that is against the rules) Nowhere -

Creating a group

Please click here to create your group. Admin regulated groups have to be approved by the administration, please contact us if you want to create one. The group owner is responsible for the content of their groups, if we find content that is against the rules, the poster and the owner will face the consequences.

Chat Rooms

There are multiple chat rooms available, please see the below table to find out what content is appropriate for each chat room. Note that category 3 content and above is not appropriate for any chat room.

GeneralCategory 1 content and below.
R-18Category 2 content and below.