Terms of Service

1. Posting of pornograpic content outside of private groups is prohibited. This applies to the newsfeed, profile pictures and all other public areas.
  ※ For a definition of pornography and instructions to create private groups, please refer to this document.

2. Videos and Pictures of real persons that are clearly under 18 years old are not allowed to be posted. Exceptions are possible but must be approved by the administration before posting. Additionally, all 3D CG (except anime style) is not allowed. Posting it will result in a ban or account deletion.

3. Insulting other people for any reason is not allowed. A community can only work if people are friendly to each other.

4. Performing illegal activities or encouraging others to perform illegal activities will lead to an immediate and permanent ban. We also reserve the right to forward connection metadata to law enforcement agencies in severe cases. This includes:
 - Posting, Trading or inviting to trade child- or animal pornography, as well as snuff
 - Trading or inviting to trade drugs and illegal items
 - Attempting to illegally obtain access to the servers or restricted site areas
 - Threatening the administration or other users
 - Attempting to stop the site from operating (DoS / DDoS)

5. Spamming is prohibited. Any advertising has to be approved by the administration. Failing to get approval will result in the content getting deleted and may result in a ban if it happens multiple times.

6. Only one account per person is allowed. Additional accounts will be deleted without notice. If more than one account is registered, we will approve the newest one.

7. The law of the Netherlands and Germany applies on this site.

8. These terms are subject to change at any time.